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We are located in the beautiful hills of Castro Valley, Ca. We show and breed elegent French Bulldogs from the Chitawee lines. 
Prior to showing Frenchies we were instrumental in developing the Rat Terrier breed.  The Rat Terrier's  breed development started with the publication of my book "Rat Terrier A Complete and Reliable Handbook," published in 1999 by TFH Publications. The book has sold over 77,000 copies and is still selling.
Prior to the publication Rat Terriers were considered a strain of a breed, that is they were without a breed standard. The Terriers were generally registered with Universal Kennel Club International.  UKCI maintained excellent records on the strains. It was not unusual for Rat Terrier litters to be registered that were mixed with  other breeds or types. There offspring were registered as Rat Terriers and pedigress issued.  This was done in order to preserve the terrier from the breed decline of the 1930's.   
The small terrier before 1999 was classified as a rare breed. The numerous strains of Rat Terriers were predominately found in the rural Southern regions of the US. They were used for treeing the game and for companionship. 
We stopped breeding Rat Terriers a few years ago. The reason is twofold. First, the Rat Terrier is still the most diversified breed in history. It is a breed in development. 
Although AKC Foundation Stock has attempted to unify the breed, much diversity still exists. Uniformity is difficult to obtain, especially in a short period of time. The Rat Terrier is truly an American breed.      
 Secondly, the popularity of the Rat Terrier since 1999 has grew tremendously. With such a surge in popularity many owners found it difficult to handle the tempermental variations in the breed. Additionally it was not uncomon for Rat Terriers to be owned by the common man. With the changes in economic times and breed variatioins many Rat Terriers have been abondened ending up homeless. ASPC shelters are seeing more of the dogs. 
We are now on the path of showing and producing a grand breed, the French Bulldog. Henri is our main hud-stud and he finished his GR CH. when he was one year and one month of age.           
Should you be interested in reading more on the historical backgound of the Rat Terrier, visit our history section.  We hope you will find the read an enjoyable one.
Logan Lane AKA Linda Hibbard  



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